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AHS Highlights

November 2023 Oriole Outlook


Symphony for a Dance Floor

Fall Athletes & Performing Arts Senior

Trunk or Treat

English 12 Passion Project

Halloween 2023

DECA Rake & Leave

Since 2014, our DECA students help Hendricks Co. residents by raking their leaves and then leaving.

AMB&G Grand National Championship

Work Study Outing to Indiana Historical Society

Septemeber 2023 Oriole Outlook

Day of Caring

23 Senior Kickback

August 2023 Oriole Outlook

AMB&G Community Day

May 2023 Oriole Outlook

Class of 2023 Elementary School Senior Walks

April 2023 Oriole Outlook

AP Environmental Science

Spring Athletic Signings

March Mammal Madness


March 2023 Oriole Outlook

African Diaspora

Winter Showcase

February 2023 Oriole Outlook

Valentines Breakfast for AHS Staff

CPR Certified

Mr. Record's AB Calculus

January 2023 Oriole Outlook

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridge Revised

Robotics Competition

December 2022 Oriole Outlook

Winter Dance Recital

Winter Band Concert

Evening with Santa

Spirit Week

Ms. McAfee Zoology class

Winter Solace Concert

Choir Madrigal Dinner

November 2022 Oriole Outlook

Symphony for a Dance

Winter Sports Signing

Legally Blonde

Mr. Records Math Class

Mr. Record's class doing Euler's Method Jigsaw puzzle in Calculus BC.


AHS Trunk or Treat

September 2022 Oriole Outlook

Fall Fling Choir Concert

Senior Kickback

Jr. Day of Caring