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Fall Sports

crowd cheering



Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Aly Vonier  |  Varsity Co-Coaches: Aly Vonier, Caitlin Walker  |  JV/Freshman Coach: Hannah Hearon

Avon Cheer Mission

Our role is to represent our school, community, coaches, and peers in the highest regard. We are highly visible symbols of Avon High School and should always act with respect, kindness, good sportsmanship, and high moral character on and off the field. We should be in good academic and behavioral standings in the classroom. We excel in creating the most positive game day experience, competitions, and community events.


Congratulations to our 2022-23 Basketball Cheer Teams!

 The 1st Practice will be held Wednesday 11/2 at 5-7pm in the Upper East Balcony gym. Season calendars will be passed out then. Parent Meeting Info is TBA.

JV basketball calendar

Varsity Basketball  calendar

If you have any questions about team placement please reach out to Coach Caitlin and/or Coach Hannah.



Jenna Blake

Raven Klatte

Jaidyn Parsley

Maya Snyder

Rylee Cummings

Zoe Hall

Morgan Hite

Chloe Howell

Miah McGuffey

Sophia Adams

Elle Armstrong

Mia Defrancisco

Ana Gilbert


Tyler Davasher

Lilly Meisner

Addison Cain

Mattie Hill

Jillyann Minor

Teagan Resendiz

Allison Baliterra

Alivia Davoli

Japneet Kaur

Jamyah Lane

Danyale McCray

Maddy McNabb

Kayelee Munro

Peyton Stovall

Leylah Williams


Cross Country (Boys)

boys cross country team

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Zach Toothman  |  Assistant Coaches: Colin RinneMatt WeingardtAndrew MahaffeyErin Toothman

Cross Country (Girls)

girls cross country team

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Lee Hoopingarner  |  Assistant Coaches: Kyle OrenderErin Toothman


varsity football team

Coaching Staff

Varsity Head Coach: Mark Bless  |  JV Head Coach: Coley Moore  |  Freshman Coach: Kevin McGrath

Golf (Girls)

varsity girls golf team

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Kevin Bischof  |  JV Coach: Mike Petraits

Soccer (Boys)

boys varsity soccer team

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Mark Nirrengarten  |  VJ Coach: Lorenzo Aguilar  |  C-Team Coach: Zac Horton  |  Assistant Coaches: Jason MannEd NirrengartenPatrick Palmer

Soccer (Girls)

varsity girls soccer team

Coaching Staff

Varsity Head Coach: Eric Nance  |  JV Head Coach: Jordan Miller  |  Assistant Coaches: Kelsey HarrisonShyri WoffordKevin Valenti

Tennis (Boys)

tennis team

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Robert Mize  |  Assistant Coach: Hunter Heaton

Avon Community Tennis Association


varsity girls volleyball

Coaching Staff

Varsity Head Coach: Scott McQueen  |  JV Head Coach: Kristin Estridge  |  Freshman Head Coach: TBA  |  Assistant Coaches: Amber Crowe, Kelly Due, Brooke Peters


Recent Updates

ahs girls basketball team photo

Can't make it to the gym? You can still catch all your AHS Orioles basketball by subscribing and streaming through the IHSAA Champions Network.

baseball bat and glove

Fall baseball workouts begin on August 30 and continue every Tuesday and Thursday until Fall Break.

avon football players

Can't make it to the game? That's OK. You don't have to miss a minute of live Avon Orioles Varsity Football action this season because it will be available via livestream.