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Avon Academy

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Coming to Avon - Summer 2023

Recent Updates

kellie rodkey

Join Coordinator Kellie Rodkey as she provides an update on the project that is underway to make sure we open the doors at Avon Academy by the first day of school, July 27.

construction blueprints

View the progress that is being made on the project that will transform the Administration Center into the home of Avon Academy in time for the beginning of the 2023-24 school year.

kellie rodkey

Avon Academy Coordinator — former AHS Assistant Principal — Kellie Rodkey, gives an overview of plans for the Academy, which is taking shape at the Administration Center.

dr wyndham and podcast guests

In this episode, Dr. Wyndham talks with Avon Academy's new Coordinator, long-time Avon High School Assistant Principal Kellie Rodkey, about the need for the academy, the type of program she is building, and much more.

Avon Academy Infographics

Our Mission

Avon Academy serves students who are credit deficient, who may not find success in a large environment, or who may be young parents.

The desired outcome is that each student graduate on time with a plan for the future.

Our mission is to inspire students with school and community-based partnerships and consistent adult relationships, engage learners with direct instruction and individual service learning plans, and empower citizens to graduate on time and take ownership of their future.


Kellie Rodkey

p: (317) 754-3187
f: (317) 544-5004

Avon Academy will be housed at the Avon Schools Administration Center: 7203 East US Highway 36.

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We are a proud Simon Youth Foundation academy.

Simon Youth Foundation (SYF), a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in Indianapolis, is committed to helping students graduate. SYF believes that all youth, no matter their personal circumstances, should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams through education.